Pray For Amazonia

June – July – August 2019: Pray for Amazonia.

The Amazon rainforest is on fire again, driven by the Southern Hemisphere’s version of Trumpian plunder monkeys. As of late August, the fires have been burning for several months, and consumed a record amount of rain forest. The number of fires identified so far this year is over 40,000.

  • Darkness in Sao Paulo. Smoke from fires hundreds of miles away darkened the skies of South America’s largest city, bringing on a doomsday sensation in Brazil’s capital city.
  • While previous record burning years were caused in part by cyclical drought, this year’s fires have been largely ignited by farmers and ranchers clearing more land. Loggers in particular are invading “protected” areas, emboldened by Bolsonaro’s rhetoric.

  • From January to July 2019, fires consumed 4.6 million acres, a 85% increase over last year.
  • To understand this story in context, note that it takes place as 1) yet another heat wave is hitting Europe, the third in as many months 2) Greenland lost about 1 billion tons of land ice in a single day 3) total loss of sea ice within 150 miles of Alaska’s coast is reported 4) Wildfires in Siberia continue into a fourth month as smoke drifts over Alaska and North America.