More Bad News From Antarctica

Rapid Ice Melt on Eagle Island and Warm Rivers Converge Beneath the Thwaites Shelf

In an event similar to the massive one day Greenland melt last year, Eagle Island on the Antarctic peninsula lost about 20% of its ice cover in the space of a nine day heat wave in mid-February. As the NASA image shows, much of the land beneath the island’s ice cap was exposed as about 4 inches of snowpack melted in a fortnight. Pools of meltwater opened up on the surface of the surface remaining snow.

Eagle Island rapid melt event sees
 20% snow cover loss in 9 days.

The continent recorded it’s all time high during this period, reaching 69.8 F. Climate scientists say they have seen this trend in Greenland and Alaska in recent years, but this is a first for Antarctic.

This February heatwave was the third major melt event of the 2019-2020 summer after similar events in November and January. Says Nichols College glacieologist Mauri Pelto “If you think about this one event in February, it isn’t that significant. It’s more significant that these events are coming more frequently.“

In a related story from science journal Nature, a new expedition to Antarctica’s troubled Thwaites Glacier has discovered three streams of warm water running beneath the ice shelf, melting the glacier from below. Pine Island glacier, which has just calved an ice berg the size of Manhattan, is sending a river of warm water south to the Thwaites, while two other under-ice rivers are merging on the eastern side, once thought to be the more stable region of the formation.

More on ice shelves here.


Storm Dennis is a bomb cyclone that just whacked England with 100 foot waves and hurricane force 98 MPH winds. It follows Storm Ciara, which delivered heavy rains and flooding last week. Dennis is the second strongest storm to hit the region.

These storms are called bomb cyclones after the scientific term bombogenesis, which means they intensify rapidly. Technically, the storm has to feature a barometric pressure drops by 24 millibars in 24 hours. Dennis doubled that, falling 50 millibars in 24 hours.

Bombogenesis is not a new phenomenon, but it has become alarmingly common in only the past couple of years.

Storm Dennis follows on the heels of the widely ignored Hurricane Lorenzo from late last year, a Cat 5 monster that was the most powerful hurricane in the eastern North Atlantic hurricane of all time.

Switzerland reported the strongest winds in it’s history as Hurricane Petra caused flooding, extensive infrastructure damage and 80 MPH winds, 

In Jackson, Mississippi, where the natives don’t believe in global warming, extreme stormage has nevertheless caused record flooding on the Pearl River, causing evacuations across the state and northward into Tennessee.

Record floods along the Pearl River in Mississippi
Flooding in Mississippi, where there is no global warming

Europe has just recorded the warmest January in its history


Plague of locusts East Africa

The Horn of Africa is being invaded a downright biblical plague of locusts, filling the skies with nasty, voracious flying insects and consuming the food supply of tens of millions of people. The perp is not the vengeful god of the Old Testament, however, but rather changing weather patterns driven by rapid climate change. that have allowed the once limited species to survive longer, leaping over bodies of water that once limited their spread.

The phenomenon is driven by an outbreak of unusual cyclones in the region, in turn caused by an disruption to the Indian Ocean Dipole. The unusual and protracted wetness in the normally dry region is allowing the desert locusts to reproduce exponentially. While the climate science is somewhat arcane, the results are all too real. This ocean temperature gradient is also linked to the wildfire catastrophe in Australia.

This is not the first time locusts have swarmed the region, but it is unprecedented in its scale and duration.

You will begin hearing about this disaster once there are some visuals for the news networks, as millions may face (what the UN likes to call) “food insecurity” in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Iran is also preparing for a repeat of the invasion of 2019 as the insects cross the Red Sea.

The plague of locusts in the Book of Exodus did not portend the End of Days, but it did ruin the day for a lot of Egyptians.

Central Americans Are Fleeing Ecological Disaster

Guatemala: When the immigrants of Central America aren’t raping and murdering, they look more like starving climate refugees.

The Central American nations that are the main source of attempted migrations north through Mexico are fleeing drought, heatwaves and rain pattern disruption, long term conditions that are as much a driver of their desperation as the failed states they inhabit. The migration is only one of several major global mass climate people movements, a meta historical event all but ignored by an American media too busy promoting Democratic debates as if they were professional wrestling bouts.

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador are a Hellscape of poverty unrest, gang activity and violence (a hefty percentage of which is rooted in a long history of American governmental interference in the region – but that’s another story).  It’s so bad that hundreds of thousands of parents would rather risk ICE, starvation, death and the thugs of the Build the Wall gang, on the long shot that they will find asylum. Americans are aware of this only peripherally, when not too busy debating whether or not Shaikira was wearing enough clothes at the Super Bowl. And we seem to blame the victims.

We virtually never hear about the other more powerful force driving the refugees: the ongoing collapse of the ecosystems that the people of Central America rely upon for food. The region is into the fifth year of a drought and heat wave that encompasses large chunks of these largely rural nations. Rainfall and other once stable weather patterns have been disrupted, leaving agricultural yields a fraction of what they once were. The average temperature in the region has risen about 1° F in 60 years and rainfall continues to decrease. Climate scientists predict that conditions are only going to get worse as catastrophic floods increase and coastlines are eaten by the rising ocean.**

About 80% of this year’s maize crop was destroyed by drought, with something like 15,000 children under 5 suffering acute malnutrition.
The World Food Programme estimates that about one million Guatemalans fall short of normal daily food requirements.

The millions of Americans who hate these immigrants don’t care to know about mass starvation on a dying land. And it’s not as if these are Muslim nations, full of people who are just naturally terrorists. No, these are our fellow Christians (albeit “Catholics” – close enough). And it’s not as if the “taking jobs from hardworking Americans argument holds water at this point, if it ever did.

The key to denying “the other” access to your prosperity is to demonize them, and no one does it better than Trump and his moral minions. And that makes it easier on the conscience when you see the pictures of kids begin taken from their parents, on purpose, as a warning to other would be lawbreakers. 

The lawbreakers who are trying to feed their kids.