Plague of locusts East Africa

The Horn of Africa is being invaded a downright biblical plague of locusts, filling the skies with nasty, voracious flying insects and consuming the food supply of tens of millions of people. The perp is not the vengeful god of the Old Testament, however, but rather changing weather patterns driven by rapid climate change. that have allowed the once limited species to survive longer, leaping over bodies of water that once limited their spread.

The phenomenon is driven by an outbreak of unusual cyclones in the region, in turn caused by an disruption to the Indian Ocean Dipole. The unusual and protracted wetness in the normally dry region is allowing the desert locusts to reproduce exponentially. While the climate science is somewhat arcane, the results are all too real. This ocean temperature gradient is also linked to the wildfire catastrophe in Australia.

This is not the first time locusts have swarmed the region, but it is unprecedented in its scale and duration.

You will begin hearing about this disaster once there are some visuals for the news networks, as millions may face (what the UN likes to call) “food insecurity” in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Iran is also preparing for a repeat of the invasion of 2019 as the insects cross the Red Sea.

The plague of locusts in the Book of Exodus did not portend the End of Days, but it did ruin the day for a lot of Egyptians.