Rapid Climate Change

This site documents the onslaught of global warming, including extreme weather, drought, economic cost and massive changes to the planetary ecosystem.


Rapid Climate Change focuses on the quickly evolving global climate emergency  rather than efforts to “prevent” it. The effects of the Anthropogenic climate collapse are already baked into the future. The only question is how bad it will be. In the meantime, depending on your age and location, the immediate challenge is to begin planning for a future that has already arrived.

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about those cycles

One of the strategies deployed by Warming deniers is a variation on the fact that “the climate is always changing.” Which we know. This disingenuous ploy sounds reasonable and logical because it is undeniable. The missing reality is that the speed and scale of what is happening now is far far outside of long term climate cycles, which are well known. What is happening now to planet Earth is unprecedented over millions of years.

GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE: How you don’t get news

Few people are able to absorb the true scope of the global warming emergency, to a large degree because information is deployed by a corporate news media that is focused on profit and numbers. Especially in the United States of Denial, international climate events are sparsely reported if at all. Domestic events such as wildfires, floods and tornado damage is covered for a few days because of dramatic visuals.

For these reasons and more, it is easy for most people to acknowledge climate change is “real” while not understanding that major changes are underway all around the planet without really being aware of it.


Hyperobject is a term coined by Timothy Morton. It refers to a real event or phenomenon so vast that it is beyond human comprehension. Because human’s are unable to conceive of the destruction of the species, the global warming hyperobject is nearly impossible to fully comprehend.