As the Trump Administration cuts funding for climate science programs at NOAA and NASA, the global warming scenarios predicted forty years ago have hit the planet hard. This site documents the collapse of the global climate patterns and their consequences.

The average news consumer may encounter a few of the events and scenarios described in these posts, but the big picture tells a far more alarming story. The following recent global warming driven weather events are not proof of anything in and of themselves.

However, as part of the larger pattern, they are entirely consistent with Rapid (or Abrupt Climate Change, a new phenomenon that is increasingly being talked about by climate scientists. When you add up the events of the past few years and take a look at the statistical anomalies, it’s difficult to believe that the good citizens of Trumplandia blithely go their way while the planetary climate systems go haywire.

We all understand that the Earth’s climate is cyclical. This valid point has been seized upon by the denier industry and constantly repeated for the benefit of climate deniers who want to sound scientific. We know this. It’s more misdirection. What we are looking at now is way way way outside any natural set of statistical models. The onslaught of anomalous weather is not part of a natural cycle. It is part of a natural cycle plus a heaping helping of humans. The extended heat waves and more violent weather events that have long been predicted are here now.