New CH4 sources contribute to another new methane emissions record in 2021.

CH4 is CO2’s meaner older brother, far more destructive but with a shorter attention span. Methane is indeed a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, rated anywhere from 20 to 30 times more potent than regular carbon dioxide. Carbon emissions show no signs of being actually reduced world wide and atmospheric levels continuing to set records, the carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere is going to be there for eons. Pumping more methane into the skies at this moment in time is the worst thing that could happen to our lame efforts to mitigate the climate emergency. 


There are two additional source of methane emissions to consider:

  • Seafloor blowout craters beneath the waters in the Northern oceans. More here.
  • New revelations that the fossil boys have been understating the quantities of methane leaking from gas wells. Shocking.


  • The terrain itself is transforming as long trapped gases cause land to sink, ponds to melt and new craters to form.
  • Infrastructure is literally collapsing as the ground beneath it sinks.

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The permafrost/methane cycle is climate feedback cycle #3, and inexorable process that feeds on itself and is already having amazing consequences. Who needs movies about dystopian futures?

More Climate Feedback Cycles




Key Links On Rapid Climate Change

April 2022 Current Updates

  • Sydney Harbor smashed by sea-level driven tides.
  • Afghanistan historic drought
  • Antarctic ice shelf breaks away

Summary of 2022 Global Warming Shocks

Tough three months:

  • Freakishly high temps at both poles
  • West coast drought worsens
  • Great Barrier Reef another mass die-off
  • Texas wildfires
  • More Australian monster floods
  • Argentina wildfires
  • Worsening Rainforest Ecocide
  • Kenya desertification worsens
  • Great Salt Lake disappearing
  • Syrian famine/drought
  • Antarctic ice shelves melting from below

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Climate Feedback Cycles (Feedback loops)

The three simple but irreversible critical climate cycles explain clearly why we are in a crisis that will not go away.

#1 Disappearing Sea Ice reflects less solar energy, heating oceans, melting more sea ice.

#2 Global fires release massive quantities of CO₂ into the atmosphere, causing more fires and deforestation.

#3 Methane escapes melting permafrost, causing more waming, causing more permafrost thaw.

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