2021 Review

The global climate emergency escalated in 2021, hitting locations around the planet with unprecedented floods, drought, water shortages, ice shelve collapse and warming oceans.

Australia’s New Normal

Drought Flood Drought

Nowhere else on the planet except the Arctic is experiencing the effects of global climate heating.

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Summer 2021

Summary of global climate events June – August 5, 2021

Climate Refugees

The human face of global warming:

As warming-driven ecosystem collapse makes agriculture impossible in many regions around the globe. In Central America, hundreds of thousands flee 1,600 miles north to a country that does not welcome them and more than a million are internally displaced. It is only the beginning.

Unrelenting drought followed by massive crop failure, catastrophic flooding, mudslides and two mega hurricanes back to back.
This scenario is echoed around the planet as millions are already migrating to places they are not wanted…because they have no choice.