Drought Flood Drought

Nowhere else on the planet except the Arctic is experiencing the effects of global climate heating.

2022 Update:

“Waves of Water Just Coming Down”

Australia’s new normal crashed the New Year with a rain bomb in the northeast, followed by cataclysmic flooding that has killed dozens and caused the evacuation of tens of thousands. Another 500,000 were under warning in New South Wales.

This disaster is the worst since 2011, which was described as “once in a thousand year flooding.” But clearly that description is wishful thinking.

For perspective, Shane Stone, the coordinator general of the National Recovery and Resilience Agency told the Sydney Morning Herald that “the taxpayer and the ratepayer cannot continue to pick up the bill for these huge, catastrophic damage events”. Stone is a buddy of Scott Morrison, and offers a pithy perspective from a right winger who is supposed to be helping them. Although, in a sick way he is correct.

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