Pakistan Flood Devastation “Unimaginable”

  • One third of Pakistan is still under water

  • $30 Billion in damages and counting

  • 33 million displaced

  • 1,500 dead

Endless torrential rains combined with rapid glacier melting in the Himalayas has created yet another over the top climate emergency, this time involving a population roughly equal to the Eastern seaboard of the US. Monsoon flooding is normal in Pakistan – a nation larger than Texas – but the scale of this devastation is unprecedented.

SPRING HEAT TRIGGERED GLACIAL LAKE OUTBURST FLOODS (GLOF). In March South Asia experienced a record-breaking heatwave, with temperatures over 120F. 

The extreme heat event accelerated collapse of about 7,000 glaciers and caused 16 GLOF events, which in turn poured waters into the villages below. 

According to scientific journal Nature, the planet’s glaciers are melting twice as fast today as 20 years ago, a major but overlooked source of rising sea levels.