Exxon says the climate disaster is your fault

Darren Woods, CEO of the world’s largest oil company, says the world “waited too long” to develop carbon-free technologies. Wonder why we did that? 
For the past year I have been joking but not really joking, pondering at what point the fossil fuel boys and their hand maidens in the Republican Party would figure out a way to blame the Democrats for the climate catastrophe.
(They have pivoted seamlessly from denial to it isn’t really that bad to oh it’s cyclical to it isn’t human caused, to ok but we can’t afford to do anything about it, don’t you worry, we are going to just vacuum up all the carbon and put it underground somewheres. And on and on).
The story cited by the Guardian is the next stage in the plan as Exxon’s CEO blames Joe Citizen for using their products. The fact that these fucks have known more about the catastrophic effects of pouring CO2 and methane into the atmosphere than anyone else, and they have spent $ hundreds of millions and most likely billions hiding the truth from the gently snoring public is missing from his comments.
Since it was first reported, this story has gotten almost no coverage, what with MAGA world and the NFL draft sucking all the air out the room.