“Waves of Water Just Coming Down”

Australia is beginning the year with another unprecedented global warming event, this time record rains and flooding.

Violent rain storms and flash flooding have killed dozens in Queensland and New South Wales  

More than 18,000 home have been evacuated in Queensland, including the capital Brisbane. Thousands have been evacuated and schools have been closed and infrastructure has been destroyed.



And once again, the term “unprecedented” has been used in official statements, but the word is getting tired from overuse. 

The previous record flooding in Brisbane was in 2011, and was described as “once In a century.: There is a pattern here.

A combination of geography and right wing government cupidity makes Australia with most vulnerable region on the planet. Australians are similar to Americans in that we prize our self-reliance and resilience to a fault, making us perfect targets for the corporate plunder monkeys who have spent  billions lying about the realities of global warming.

The pattern is Drought Flood Drought. 

Watch our video on Australia’s New Normal here.