Are you ready for Rain Enhancement Science?

UAE cloud seeding triggers floods

There are some interesting take aways to be derived from April’s torrential desert rain event, which dropped 5 to 10 inches of water in one day on Dubai, killing several people (including schoolchildren) and truly messing up one of the planet’s most modern cities.

The region was hit by four consecutive storms that inundated a large swath of the United Arab Emirates and moved on to Pakistan and Iran. This was well over a year’s worth of rain in a city that has little or no flood drainage infrastructure. The storms were unusual in the suddenness of the onslaught, and the force they brought to bear, unrooting palm trees and shattering windows.

This was well over a year’s worth of rain in a city that has little or no flood drainage infrastructure. While it is clear that this was a historic weather calamity, it is not clear whether it was unprecedented. Official government press releases reference the beginning of government data collection in 1949, but make no mention of a massive flood that may have triggered it.

UAE has been engaged in weather control attempts for decades, primarily cloud seeding.

Whether or not government cloud seeding (AKA Rainfall Enhancement Science) directly caused this particular record-shattering event, human caused global warming was the ultimate driver. Most experts are saying weather enhancement efforts may have triggered the storms, but can’t account for their unrelenting violence. Rising temperatures associated with global warming increase evaporation, fueling other extreme weather events, including droughts. Such a parade of alternating climate disasters is devastating for nations such as Bolivia and Australia.

What could go wrong?

The government of UAE is not known for transparency, but it does not deny engaging in climate control efforts. It seems relatively likely that cloud seeding by plane took place earlier in the week and perhaps had unintended consequences. This is not the first human effort at human weather geoengineering (fucking with things we don’t fully understand) and it is only the beginning.

Geoengineering has already been blamed for storms in California and Australia, although cause and effect is generally shaky. I can only assure you that weather control is going to be fertile ground for conspiracy theories.

And some might even be true.

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